Slide Always experience
various and new works
and designs in ceramics whit F.A.C
Slide Create beauty to look beautiful Slide A representation of
the universe and the galaxy in
your dishes

Its yellowish color tries to hide the bright red color,

which makes this design noble.

He is certainly a real caress. With his deep and traditional interior, see him show you the miracle. Beauty is waiting for you!

Open door to cheerfulness, its characterized by its magnificent colors.

This duality of colours will stimulate your desire to discover and add a tip playfulness !

It is a clear clash between heaven and the stars

This soothing blue invites us to dream, to

create a new imaginary world

Beyond a simple dish

Make beauty the guest of your life

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Experience the beauty of art with us

F.A.C has been active in the background of production and the services of artistic ceramics and artistic glazes for almost 10 years. And has provided Direct and indirect employment for artists And enthusiasts in this field
Hadi fakhraei
Founder of F.A.C

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We are at your service to create beauties

How can you resist?
Surrender to these unique and original dishes.
They also make the surroundings unique!