Regeneration and

production of persian blue glaze

Persian blue glaze that has long been used in Iranian civilization and culture and has a special place in the world, this glaze is obtained from the combination of copper oxide in alkaline glaze and used in Iranian garden pools, this glaze has also used in consumable and decorative containers of that time. Because the glaze in consumable containers has a completely alkaline environment so it is considered as the healthiest type of container and dish for foods, while copper oxide turns green in lead glazes and has been known as Egypt glaze.
Bluish glaze in decorative containers and dishes still has a relatively good durability, but it did not have a good durability on the tiles which have been used outdoors in the past. Thus, we tried to make changes in the body and glaze of this type of tiles and we have made this type of ceramic very durable so that it can be used even in outdoor spaces and in very cold weather.
This glaze has an extraordinary color spectrum and shine and it has a cultural originality that cannot be made with other techniques and materials.
These works in parks and gardens can give new life to these architectural and urban spaces and even this type of color and glaze can be very beautiful and functional in terms of the association of sky and water color on the ground for subway and underground spaces of modern cities and can bring the turquoise color of the sky to these spaces which can enhance the sprite of the subway underground architecture.
Application of this type of glaze will be very useful in different areas and integrated fields and even for modern and traditional integrated design.
The technique of working on this type of ceramic is very extensive that we usually have used embossed techniques, all types of designs and patterns and writings in these works and (reticular) techniques and creating texture and etc. can also be very useful and functional in this type of ceramic production.
This glaze causes contrast in the case of embossing in the furnace atmosphere which raises the beauty of work. Persian blue glaze can create fantastic effects with azure and black colors which are used under the glaze. Even this type of glaze is compatible with gold lusterand doubles the beauty of work.
We have also applied this type of glaze on Shamseh and Chalipa tiles which can be used with simple and prominent designs in all spaces, Shamseh and Chalipa tiles have cultural support and historical originality that today we can see some samples of these tiles in museums.
The target community of this type o works can be very large and widespread, including reconstruction of museums works which can be displayed in galleries, exhibitions and museums.
Community architects and interior/exterior designers of various buildings such as hotels and … community of architects and urban planners and various beautification planners who like to make differences in their designs and combine with different materials to create attractive art works