Design and molding

Design is the basis for all human works. Therefore, each work and each idea requires a proper design to start. In artworks from all section of different volumes production to the created design on it up to the finalization of the work there is a dependence on the appropriate design and idea.
According to this important issue, in all areas of producing artistic – decorative – functional and architectural works AFC tries to consider this principal in overall design and proportional harmony and aesthetic and also tries to come up with the creation of new different designs in the future.
Making form is the basis for making different ceramics and ceramics volume. Today, forming machine is also used for making form, but this method will be suitable for volumes that are always usually fixed or have a very high circulation. However, art ceramics and art forms have been changing and the artist is constantly creating new designs and ideas and it can ever offer and sell this idea and design to other manufacturing plants in order to production.
The basic principles of forming can be done with different materials but most of the time it is done with pottery mud or gypsum. The mold mother is usually made after forming and preparing the reverse mold of main form and then reproduction molds are made of mold mother. Reproduction molds are made of gypsum and can be reproduced as much as needed for daily production.
The advantages of this method of manual operating machine is that both the number of products produced per day can be high and the volumes can be the same and without problem and at the same time, these products are produced in the cheapest and most affordable way.
Most of the stages of producing artistic ceramics in all its parts from forming and molding to the final product which is ever placed in the museum, depend more on the ability of hand and the knowledge of making the product along with his/her artistic knowledge. Therefore, mastering all the items mentioned in this job is very important.
With the aim of designing and ideation of the basic forms creation for producing the various ceramics
The production of these containers is usually high circulation. For example, in this regard we can refer to our containers for serving chocolate with an approach to the historical period of Iran in terms of ancient parties and celebrations. So that with changes in these works we can mention the creation of works with cultural and artistic confrontation.