painting on ceramics

(underglaze painting)

underglaze painting can be considered as one of the most important works of creating artistic ceramics which causes the production of valuable works in both traditional and modern designs or integrated designs.
Underglaze painting always works with various techniques and methods and the area of production and ideation in art works in this field is very abundant.
Embossed painting is one of the ceramic techniques and allows the creation of different artworks. Embossed painting in underglaze painting has a very high durability compared to other painting because a layer of glass cortex comes on it and also allows the installation in different architectural environment so that today we can see the works remained from more than 2000 years ago.
Therefore, it can be very useful in architectural and decorative spaces.
Given that today we can work the transparent of glaze in an integrative form and control it, therefore, in modern and traditional designs we can get the desired artistic result in this field. The paints used in underglaze painting are mineral which implement on raw ceramics. These paints can be baked at high temperatures and give a special visual effect and originality to artworks.
It should be noted that there are certain differences between working with mineral paints and other painting techniques, in mineral paints there is no possibility to combine the paint as it is done in oil paints to achieve the desired color of the artist and the master must be so skilled that the final color after full baking imagin of completed art created work during etching (painting) which naturally requires experience in this field.
Also, in this type of etching (painting), because it is done on raw pottery, the artist must have the skill of controlling it so that the soil of the pottery body does not mix with the paint.
We perform painting processor on pottery for some works, processor (Pardaz) is one of the traditional Iranian miniature terms that the artist chooses this type of engraving to create the work and we have done it on the pottery and we perform it in underglaze painting which is unique in exquisite works. Work idea and training for underglaze painting is great.
Underglaze painting is used on dishes and containers, and tiles and it can be used on tiles around the mirror and that it can give a visual and beauty luster for decoration in different architectural spaces. Durability and hygienic nature of these artistic works make it possible to mount such painting in any place, for example, consider and imagine the design of pattern of a carpet with pleasant colors on ceramics in large size, mounted on an entrance wall of a hotel.
Or underglaze painting dishes and containers which can be liked by public or even tourists.
Another attractive idea for producing some exquisite underglaze painting works is the valuable and precious gifts that are offered at high levels which will have a special place in cultural confrontation.
And/or embossed pattern and design in large size along with different design and pattern inside an entrance fountain of parks or tower spaces that can be seen from the top of towers, how interesting and inspiring it will be and is also significant for architects and builders of urban and beautification projects.
These works are available at museums, galleries, exhibitions and online galleries.
It can be mounted in interior, exterior architecture and decoration of different spaces and/or in fountain and pools and beautification of parks or urban spaces.