Exclusive works with the approach of
galactic and cosmic designs with unique artistic glaze

The idea of consumable containers with the approach of galactic and cosmic designs has been a personal idea and different techniques are used in these works, so that raw provided dishes are covered with colored oxides once at this stage and after placing in the furnace for the first time are covered with special glaze and then second and third placement in the furnace is done.
The different speeds of potter’s wheel help to obtain galactic items. Interestingly, the furnace and its atmosphere also affect these works, thus all the works obtained are unique and different from each other, each work has its own identity like the fingerprints of the individuals.
Given that works can be produced in different color ranges, the variety of its production will also be great.
In these works, it is also possible to create designs and patterns and writing and logo in the background of work with different colors, so that each company or organization has its own design or logo and it is possible to use it as advertisement on consumable dishes or decoration. Even if the company, or organization or brand follows a certain color, it will be possible to produce color in its background.
Production, design and pattern are not limited and production is possible for any pattern and writing. It can also be applicable on the requested volume and form and/or even on the tile.
Consumable containers and dishes and/or advertising can be sold in ceramic dishes and containers stores, container markets, online stores and in the artistic designs sections of galleries and exhibitions.
This idea can be considered by restaurants, cafes, hotels, companies and etc.
In the decoration section, it can be implemented as an idea of design and beautification in different places with certain paint and pattern or as a minimal to the artistic concept of that space.
For example, in the patterns created with galactic and cosmic approach it can play a role as the arrangement of round plates in different sizes in the form of tableau on the wall and according to the harmony and the beauty of the text and communication with the creation of galactic spaces especially in modern spaces and in places like lobbies, various rooms such as conference room, hotels and … each dimension of architectural spaces can be considered by architects and interior decoration designers and builders of various projects.
Designing and building artistic glaze (pottery) with different techniques and various artistic glazes in target ceramics of production, order advertising works
Design and sale of the works in the tourism sector
Design and production in the public sales sector in the community
High sales range of these works: galleries, art exhibitions, markets, online stores.
Suitable for the sale in the form of logo and color ads